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Caleb and I flew over to Samoa for a working Holiday.  Caleb was strictly on holiday but ended up being my driver hehe good Caleb.  We stayed at Le Manumea Resort/Hotel in Apia for the first couple of days and after the wedding I shot we ferried over to the beautiful island of Savaii.

Below are a few pics of our time in Savaii.  This place is honestly magical.  The ware is amazing and so pristine!  I think Caleb and I were mermaids in a past life because we spent more time in water than on land.

I gt the COOLEST present from Merman Caleb – a Go Pro….whahooooooooo! So below is us just being silly and playing around with it.

















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So…true to my word.  Still exploring and finding new places to photograph at each week.  One week I got so lost in Wellington and walked so far I was too annoyed to take photos let alone post them.  So this whole notion of being whimsical and getting lost in the place you live in is a bit of a crock if you ask me.  But I must say when I scout by myself I always get a little bit scared haha because usually its during the day, secluded and like yesterday under the harbour bridge.  I still think fuzzy pink haired trolls live under there.


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Dias los Treinta y Cinco

I dont even know if the title makes sense.  I was kinda going after the whole Dias Los Muertes – Day of the Dead.  Instead – its Day of the 35 (mm).  So Last week I announced that every week I would go somewhere new and take photos – and make the normal every day stuff interesting.  Im currently in Wellington visiting Caleb, its nice being away from Auckland for a little break.  Im still working, but its a nice change of scenery.  Sooooo I thought – hey!  Each day ill crack out the camera and photograph anything and everything.  Document and learn new ways of seeing things, get really familiar with my Sigma 35mm F1.4 lens, look at the different types of light.  Its all learning and you don’t ever stop learning – fingers crossed ill be a wealth of knowledge one day.  Ive only really just switched on the light bulb about light.  I always knew what I was looking for – but didn’t quite really really grasp it.  But for now and for these exercises – ill be shooting in all sorts of light, favourable and unfavourable.  Come wedding season – ill be back to scavenging shade and flat light.

New place this week – Caught a train to Petone to see my friend Ivy.  Its always a pleasure meeting up with fellow wedding photographers.  I love how easy and open we are to sharing ideas.  2, 3, 4, 5 heads are better than one right?  I always learn so much, and it gets ideas flowing.  Pretty proud of myself for not getting lost and having to catch an expensive taxi.  Clicks for Catty!

2014-07-25_0004 2014-07-25_0005  2014-07-25_0007 2014-07-25_0008 2014-07-25_0009 2014-07-25_0010 2014-07-25_0011 2014-07-25_0012 2014-07-25_0013 2014-07-25_0014 2014-07-25_0015 2014-07-25_0016 2014-07-25_0017 2014-07-25_0018 2014-07-25_0019 2014-07-25_0020 2014-07-25_0021 2014-07-25_0022 2014-07-25_0023 2014-07-25_0024 2014-07-25_0025 2014-07-25_0026 2014-07-25_0027 2014-07-25_0028 2014-07-25_0029 2014-07-25_0030 2014-07-25_0031 2014-07-25_0032 2014-07-25_0033 2014-07-25_00342014-07-25_0001 2014-07-25_0003 2014-07-25_0002

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Beach babe

2014-06-13_0001 2014-06-13_0002 2014-06-13_0003 2014-06-13_0004

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I met Chrissy at a video shoot a few months back.  Here she is dressed up as a Cuban beauty.

Make up – Yuki Wong | Styling – Sunday Misits | Photography – Me!

2014-06-10_0001 2014-06-10_0002 2014-06-10_0003 2014-06-10_0004

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South Island Bliss 4

Oooooooh okay so I have been wanting to go on a helicopter for AGES – and I know Caleb loves all of this type of stuff, so I knew he would be super keen.  The plan was to of and do a Helicopter Glacier Tour in Franz Josef but we knew the weather was closing in, so it was now or never!  Taking off was pretty scary, and then when you climb even higher its like wow – what if we just dropped out of the sky – that would be some scary ride.  But thankfully we didn’t and our Pilot was pretty spot on awesome.  Pete took us to a few places around Wanaka, the high light being the SNOW!!  Wet feet, cold feet, red cold hands – so worth it.

calebandcatty_0081 calebandcatty_0082 calebandcatty_0083 calebandcatty_0084 calebandcatty_0085 calebandcatty_0086 calebandcatty_0087 calebandcatty_0088 calebandcatty_0089 calebandcatty_0090 calebandcatty_0091 calebandcatty_0092 calebandcatty_0093 calebandcatty_0094 calebandcatty_0095 calebandcatty_0096  calebandcatty_0098 calebandcatty_0099 calebandcatty_0100 calebandcatty_0101 calebandcatty_0102 calebandcatty_0103 calebandcatty_0104 calebandcatty_0105 calebandcatty_0106 calebandcatty_0107 calebandcatty_0108 calebandcatty_0109 calebandcatty_0110  calebandcatty_0112

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South Island Bliss 3

We made it to Mt Cook! We are staying at the Hermitage Hotel and we have the most amazing room. Caleb did so well booking all our accommodation. We stayed on the 9th floor meaning we had awesome unobstructed views of the mountains. We did a tour called the “Argo Tour“and saw the beautiful Tasman Glacier. Graeme our guide was a pretty cool chap and I would recommend this to anyone.  We got to see a whole lot of sights that we would have otherwise not been able to see on our own.

calebandcatty_0041 calebandcatty_0042 calebandcatty_0043 calebandcatty_0044 calebandcatty_0045 calebandcatty_0046 calebandcatty_0047 calebandcatty_0048 calebandcatty_0049 calebandcatty_0050 calebandcatty_0051 calebandcatty_0052 calebandcatty_0053 calebandcatty_0054  calebandcatty_0056 calebandcatty_0057 calebandcatty_0058 calebandcatty_0059 calebandcatty_0060  calebandcatty_0062 calebandcatty_0061 calebandcatty_0063 calebandcatty_0064 calebandcatty_0065

Mulled wine – my life will never be the same again

calebandcatty_0066 calebandcatty_0067

Coffees at the Cadrona Hotel


Interesting way to photograph haha

calebandcatty_0069 calebandcatty_0070 calebandcatty_0071

OOooh “Take a shot” We went clay shooting!  The kick back on the gun was pretty surprising.  But after a few rounds and a growling from Caleb to “Man Up” I got the hang of it.  I managed to shoot 5 of the clay bird what ever you call them things (out of 25 – and apparentely 4 is the average) .  And husband got 6!  Well dont come to my house if Zombies take over.

calebandcatty_0072 calebandcatty_0073 calebandcatty_0074

Lake Wanaka!  and some cool rocks to weigh my bag down when we fly home :P

calebandcatty_0075 calebandcatty_0076 calebandcatty_0077 calebandcatty_0078 calebandcatty_0079

Had the BEST Blue Cod and Chips here.  Blue Cod seems to be all the rage down here, and you know what – I think I agree.


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South Island Bliss 2

There we go – writing in frost hehe

calebandcatty_0021 calebandcatty_0022

On our way to Mt Cook and we found another pretty spot!

calebandcatty_0023 calebandcatty_0024 calebandcatty_0025 calebandcatty_0026 calebandcatty_0027 calebandcatty_0028 calebandcatty_0029 calebandcatty_0030

High Country Salmon stop off.  Always interested in a bit of Sushimi

calebandcatty_0031 calebandcatty_0032

Hell yeah –  more frost “crunch crunch crunch”

calebandcatty_0033 calebandcatty_0034  calebandcatty_0036 calebandcatty_0037

Bet he has had better days

calebandcatty_0038 calebandcatty_0039 calebandcatty_0040

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South Island Bliss

Caleb and I are on holiday in the South Island this week.  We flew to Christchurch and hired a pretty snazzy car.  It has only done 40km! I wonder if we can put another 1000kms on it.

Below is a place we stopped off at called Geraldine.  BEST pies EVER.  Well worth the stop.  If I’m going to eat bad – it needs to be bloody good.


I love this place – they have “next level” frost.  It goes “crunch crunch crunch” under your shoes.  Its so cold in the shade!  I have never been so cold before.  We stopped and pulled over when we saw this crazy frost.  There were puddles that had frozen over!  I went and jumped on all of them.

calebandcatty_0002calebandcatty_0003  calebandcatty_0005calebandcatty_0006

Our first stop – Lake Tekapo. The sun is really bright and harsh, but at least we have SUN right! The lake is a beauty, and we stop once again to skim some pebbles across the water. I have been doing a wee bit of filming too. Caleb is pretty awesome at skimming pebbles. But the best one he does I just happened to stop filming. hehe aww oops.


We drove up to Mt John to do a bit of sight seeing, 360 views and boy it was like WOW.


After Mt John we went back to Lake Tekapo to do a bit of Ice Skating and relaxing in the pool. Caleb found some more frost and wanted a photo (dont blame him, still buzzing out).


Ice skating for the physically challenged. Took me a while to get into it. But I think I’m okay at it now. Caleb was doing spins, hops and crazy ice flying stops. Did I mention I got an awesome fail on film? hehe


Honestly I cannot remember the last time I have had frost on my car. So this is awesome. We wrote our names in it too!!


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